CLC is an accounting from specializing in financial risk management services. We are especially adept at tailoring intelligent risk frameworks and operations that support organizations and private individuals. Although only recently incorporated, collectively we have been amongst the pioneer practitioners for contemporary risk management and globally we have more than 6000 satisfied customers. Our financial risk management solutions date back to more than 35 years of development and use.

Our clients include corporates and private individuals including banks, insurance companies, asset managers, corporates, businessmen, as well as individuals who may want to protect their assets. In the process we make available knowledge about risk management and financial planning to clients and help design appropriate risk management methodologies, including controls, to mitigate their risks.

Our goal when providing risk management consulting services is always to help you meet your regulatory and contract compliance requirements, assess and remediate risks and exposures and improve your organization’s processes, all while ensuring transparency and accountability

Our service help improve the likelihood of achieving goals, encourage risk identification and treatment, Improves financial reporting, strengthen controls, Improves stakeholder trust and confidence, improves internal controls, improves transparency of risk and reporting, assists in the prioritising of effort in the management of risk and create sustainability value to organisations and private individuals.

Why Risk Management is Important?

As a result of today’s complex, fast and ever changing business environment, risks are ever present when you carry out a business or venture. Risks come in the form of liquidity risk, funding risk, interest rate risk and economic disaster risk, to name but a few.

As a result, it is quite common for organizations to undertake activities that are designed to mitigate these risk. However, more often than not the risk management template used is just a generic and informal one. This is pointless since generic templates don’t cater to each organization’s different and unique set of circumstances and end up being ineffective and unsustainable. The bottom line is that you need a risk assessment process specifically designed for you, to effectively protect yourself from risk.

Our Story

It all started back in 2018 when we were just a humble start-up offering risk assessment advisory services to businesses and private individuals. At the time there was a general lack of knowledge when it came to financial risks and its remedies. However, since then rising complexities in the economic environment have encouraged interest in the benefits of risk management services, with companies and individuals being more cautious when evaluating their business and investment activities. Rather, they would prefer to steer away from carrying too high risks. Being able to manage these risks has now become a welcome alternative.

To-date we have assisted numerous corporations and individuals by empowering them to be financially risk free and be able to operate their activities in a calm and assured environment. Through the application of financial tools, templates and communications that can be applied consistently across enterprises, we were able to show a portfolio view of risks, how they interconnect, and the remedies on how to mitigate those risks.

Our Services

The purpose of creation CLC fianancial risk management service is to provide a simply, flexible, and applicable fundamental risk focus instrument to all the contemporary organisation and private use, it involves identifying area of trust, influence, relevance and analysis that create value.

CLC  financial risk management service objectives are to facilitate the achievement of its strategic and operational objectives including:

-Value creation and protection

-Effective and efficient performance and compliance

-The development, enhancement and protection of its strategic and operational capabilities.

Responsibilities for risk and regulatory requirements, support the organisation and private to achieve the objective and the control framework for managing unexpected financial and non- financial risks.


We uphold to the highest of ethical standards when discharging our knowledge and skills in the interest of our clients.


We are always eager to learn and share information amongst colleagues and clients, making them better at what they do.


We care by being eager to help others, pay attention to detail, consistent, andwilling to take ownership of issues.


We deliver on our promises each and every time.

When you bring us on board, we’ll begin with an initial assessment to identify the risks your face. Based on your risk profile, we will come up with a comprehensive plan, prioritizing and rating those risks and making recommendations on how to mitigate those risk.

These are applicable to all contemporary organization and private use in Malaysia, it involves identifying area of trust, influence, relevance and analysis that create value. It improve organizational performance and oversight with the COSO (Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission) framework, as well as reducing the extent of the risk of fraud.

Appropriate stewardship could build trust, and combined with the proper application of communications, could provide greater insight that could measured and adjusted accordingly, for long-term sustainability.

Process of Risk Management Services



Learn how to characterize risk such as liquidation, funding, interest rate, foreign exchange and more


Using CLC’s framework to simplify yet achieve your end goal


Carefully thought guidelines with experience incorporated, to ensure we achieve the end goal together


Understand your business, its strategy and how it generates value. Consider casual relationships to identify the measures and analysis needed to manage risk. And more.


Provides a checklist related to the practice of CLC Risk Management System. The checklist can be used to assure that the project has completed the activities associated with conducting effective Risk Management.

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