Mr Chua Lim Chou

Capital CAK Berhad Director, Mr. Chua Lim Chou. 

Mr. Chua Lim Chou is a qualified Chartered Accountant and CPA, who a wealth of experience dating back to mare than 10 years in managing risks for both corporate and private clients. Over the course of his career he has personally managed more than RM100 million worth in value contracts and carried a client base of over 500 private and corporate clients. This makes him well positioned to steer and influence his clients’ businesses away from risky waters.

In the beginning, Mr Chua were just a humble start-up offering risk assessment advisory services to businesses and private individuals. At the time there was a general lack of knowledge when it came to financial risks and its remedies. However, since then rising complexities in the economic environment have encouraged interest in the benefits of risk management service, with companies and individuals being more cautious when evaluating their business and investment activities. Rather, they would prefer to steer away from carrying too high risk. Being able to manage these risks has now become a welcome alternative. 

To-date, Mr Chua have assisted numerous corporations and individuals by empowering them to be financially risk free and be able to operate their activities in a calm and assured environment. Through the application of financial tools, templates and communications that can be applied consistently across enterprises, we are able to show a portfolio view of risks, how they interconnect, and the remedies on how to overcome the risk factors. 

Mr. Chua Lim Chou was awarded with Diploma in Engineering Business Management at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in 2007. After graduated, Mr. Chua have started his career in the sales services sections in different retails industry for 4 years. Later, in year 2011, he has joined risk management industry as executive level. In year 2013, he was awarded with producer award from AIA Berhad. In year 2014, he was awarded with the Bachelor of Commerce Accountancy at University of Wollongong Australia. In year 2016, he became a certified CPA Australia. A year later, he has provided more than 300 private and corporate clients risk management services and products based services record in year 2017 with a total contract value estimate Rm 35million. In year 2018, he was certified as a Chartered accountant and practicing certify by MIA. In year 2019, Mr. Chua Lim Chou became a director of CAK Group specialist in Risk Management services and as one of the youngest member of qualifying MDRT member. In year 2020, he has become a qualifying COT member and was awarded by RHB Group division.